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The Nikolaev Botanical Jewelry Foundry is housed in an award-winning Atelier famous for producing some of the most nationally innovative and culturally relevant pieces of visual art. The space, in and of itself, represents a fascinating and complimentary blend of both the grit and luxury that encompasses the ethos of Foundry: to construct unique jewelry that unravels the architecture and essential mysteries of desert botanical elements.

All Nikolaev jewelry designs are informed by what Kim Nikolaev, sculptor and designer, finds and is inspired by during mountainous hikes in Arizona. Therefore, Nikolaev uses only sterling and fine silver, karat gold, bronze, and gems including black diamond to demonstrate the majesty she sees in an agave bloom and a seed pod. 

​Nikolaev Botanical Jewelry brings to life the elegance of the natural world by fabricating and casting each piece of jewelry by hand.

Whether you are looking for a contemporary art statement piece, bridal jewelry or an heirloom piece of hand-made jewelry, Nikolaev Jewelry has a remarkable inventory as well as custom pieces that could be created by Kim just for you.

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• Each jewelery piece is hand made,  therefore each piece is slightly different.

• ​All pieces are fabricated or hand casted (or a combination of both). 

• ​All pieces are created in a very limited edition and are signed and numbered in the tradition of fine art sculpture.

• Jewelery is designed from sterling or fine silver, karat gold, and gems. Occasionally bronze is used as a beautiful accent.

• None of the pieces are plated or coated so a natural patina will develop but can easily buff to a natural shine.

• Earring wires are hand made with white gold for purity and strength.