A s I climb a steep enclosure in McDowell Mountains, I look to my left and see an agave in bloom.

It is a gorgeous morning, heavy with heat. Already the sun shines fierce and with purpose.  The wild creatures around me scurry about, oblivious to Phoenix’s desert heat.  I move in slowly, my steps are measured with purpose. My eyes taking in every aspect of the nature around me. It is at once organic and random and mathematic and repeating.

Small bloom spikes poke their tentative heads out from the center of the agave in perfect repeating form, reminding me of the fractal symmetry of head of asparagus. Agaves can spend a century growing only to flower once and whither away. On this and every excursion, I bear witness to the unravelling of nature’s most simple, and yet still complicated, construction. I’m aware of the contrariness of it all: complicated structural organic forms against the chaos of seemingly random inorganic rocks and boulders.’

When I returned to my studio, I begin fabricating and hand casting a block of black diamond from its raw form into an impression of what I observed on the trail. It is almost an alchemy, the ability to transform metal and rock from its raw state into one of luxury, but mostly it is unravelling the architecture of botanical elements to their essence.

As an artist, my promise to you is simple: to consistently forge the industrial, the sculptural with the chic, the delicate. Every piece of jewelry is made from sterling and fine silver, karat gold, bronze, and gems. Each piece is designed with a meticulous, artisan’s intention in order to detail, for you, the majesty of the biological world forged into that which endures.

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