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This leaf piece was inspired by the plant called Lantana, traditionally a native species of the California Coast, but used all around the plush cultivated lands of the Sonoran desert.

I love the structure of the leaf and I imagined it in a larger form as the focal point of this asymmetrical design. As far as I know, it does not actually exist this large in nature.

For many years, this plant, and many others native to Arizona, were in my studio back yard. I thought it would be cool, wonderful magic if I could grab a vine and wrap it around my neck to wear all day; So I started there and then “silver smithed” it to be a real neckpiece, casting the leaves individually and then fabricating the wrap.

I designed this for myself to wear to a special sculpture gala event that took place at the Chicago Cultural Center. Now it’s an edition of 5, each one is a little different from it’s sibling.\

So what was the reaction? I had a lot of compliments and conversation around this piece.

It was an enchanted night! The Cultural Center is a gem and I had been the Chair of a Chicago Art Business fundraiser at that very room 15 years prior. I would say I felt very blessed arriving in a ball gown and a few blocks away I had slogged away in the snow waiting for the bus to take me home from the School at the Art Institute. … all of my art material in tow… this night was truly full circle experience!

Product info:   Extra Large and complimentary smaller leaves surrounded sterling silver vines to create a dramatic wrap. Nine London blue topaz of 5 mm are scattered around vines. The inside dimension is 6”x6” and it fits comfortably on a neck with no clasp needed. From tip to leaf tip the length is 19.” It can be made smaller or larger upon request. Soft Cloth buffing will retain the brushed silver finish.