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Agave Bloom Pendant

Agave Blooms Inspire

The shape of this pendant was Inspired by the spring time blooms of the Southwestern Desert Agave, also known as the Century Plant.

I am fascinated by the magic of the Agave and how they will just explode with abundant energy overnight. The shape is elegant, sculptural and is so very mid century modern in design to me. I assume the modernists of the 50’s and 60’s were inspired by this first.

I inset the small gems in this series, to refer to the little flowers that pop up, and the descending bees that LOVE its sweet nectar.

I became obsessed with this form and used it to create large  pieces, chains, woven chains and tiny fobs that I added in hidden places on bracelets and neck pieces.

 product info:

This pendant is solid sterling silver, hand cast, hand textured with a satin, brushed sheen. The piece comes with a sterling silver ball chain in 24″ or 18″ . The Pendant is 3.25 ” and has 3 round faceted gems, asymmetrically flush set into pendant. gems are a 2.5 garnet , a 3 mm peridot, and 3 mm citrine. The pendant and chain can be buffed with a soft cloth to retain brushed texture and sheen.